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how facebook makes money

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before Congress for over five hours on Wednesday he answered questions from senators on a broad range of subjects including how Facebook makes money from user data Zuckerberg said there's a very common misperception about Facebook that we sell data that advertisers he went on to explain we do not sell data to advertisers we don't sell data to anyone what we allow is for advertisers to tell us who they want to reach and then we do the placement all that being said Facebook still directly relies on user data to make money but just not in the way that some imagined

how does facebook makes money

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Literature Review

The literature review is a written overview of all the major research and writing on a specific topic and is usually the second chapter of a thesis or a dissertation. It is often the most daunting part of writing a thesis or a dissertation. With over or around 40 percent of the total word count, a literature review is often the basis on which the study is conducted. It also serves to provide crucial insight into previous research conducted on the topic, which then serves as a baseline for your analysis.
Literature Review

Main Purpose

The main purpose of a literature review is to provide a summary, description, and evaluation of each source or study which should be presented under specific headings. Hence, sources for a good literature review should include articles from scholarly and peer-reviewed journals, published works such as books and government reports etc. For online resources such as websites or web pages, it is best to take information from verified sources such as government or official websites which have authentic information as opposed to opinions or conjunctures.

A Good Literature Review

As literature review provides a critical overview or written account of the current state of research on any given topic, it also serves to identify areas of previous scholarship, allows each source to be placed in the context of its contribution to the area of research or theory under study etc. A good literature review also describes the relationship of each study or source to the others and provides new ways of looking at the topic. Importantly, this also enables the researcher to identify any gaps in the previous literature and therefore provides a way forward for research.

Who Win World Cup 2019

World Cup

Who Win World Cup?

New Zealand
Siri Lanka
South Africa
West Indies

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Live World Cup

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Multipurpose Logo Embroidered Tote Bags

Advertising is the only way where a business either new or existing can have more
customers than before — this way; people know about the options they have on hand.
Every business is made to solve consumer's pain and give them some gain they never
had or better than the current gain they have. For this, a business must formulate and
strategize an ingenious marketing disposition to be subtly yet much-needed attention of

Multipurpose Logo Embroidered Tote Bags

It is a factual struggle to forge new and exciting advertising tactics which fascinate
responsiveness from people using minutest expenditure. As the year proceeds; so does
the marketing devices and at the end of the year; advertising scuffles get rough as
people are not fascinated in buying anything other than what they precisely want.

Now; as for potent businesses; it’s stimulating to keep bringing fresh and innovative
notions for marketing and promoting business on all platforms. In this article, you will
find implausible concepts as to how can you utilize Logo Embroidered tote bags with the
tiniest budget and take your marketing and promotion’s scale to an entirely new level.

Logo Embroidered tote bags:

Evince your Logo

in a hefty printable or embroidered design is a cost-effective
brand exposure practice. Customized tote bags like Logo embroidered on them
of your business facilitates maximum brand cognizance and guarantees a
durable imprint on individuals. According to the investigation; it is the humanoid
mindset that what they see as well as hear face-to-face; they reminisce it

Eye-catching Logo Designs

Design flamboyant, attractive and eye-catching Logos for tote bags whose
pattern must turn few heads; only then your brand/business will have the
sentience and customers you are seeking. When the embroidered Logo is
tactically siting; it will assuredly draw attention from people who are not even
paying attention to that part which matters; the Logo.

Tote Bags are Relic

There is a fallacy that Tote bags are souvenirs or relics. No, this is erroneous;
Logo Embroidered tote bags are influential branding and marketing implements;
if operating to their fullest potential.

Logo visibility

A prime technique of placing embroidered Logo on tote bags is that Logo must
be noticeable from a distance. What we can recommend here is: put contact
details below Logo on tote bags to escalate the potential trade and clientele.

Goodwill Tool

Not only are Logo embroidered tote bags prodigious promotional and marketing
contrivance for brand and business; they succor you in spreading goodwill
regarding your business which will boost sales as well as speed-up the rate of

Cost-Effectiveness Marketing:

What else should we expect from embroidered Logo tote bags that they do not
take millions to initiate your campaign right away? Contrasting made between
Tote bags with embroidered and other promoting tools and strategies; Logo
embroidered tote bags are cost-effective and easy to manage.

In-person Marketing and Promotions:

To upsurge marketing and promotions by embroidered Logo tote bags is to hand
them out in-person. Social media marketing is worthy but, not as efficient as in-
person marketing with handing embroidered Logo tote bags for them to recall
you. Studies show that out of 100 more than 85 individuals have ordered or try
the brand once — not a bad ratio.

The benefit of Logo embroidered tote bags is its different functionality. These bags are
versatile; they can be a school bag, a grocery bag, etc. as the user sees fit.
Buy Logo Embroidered tote bags for win-win business marketing strategies and your
brand Logo will be remembered by them. Express your Logo in a slayer way!


The 'youtuber' Etika, in one of his videos. GAMERADE / YOUTUBE The famous youtuber Etika disappeared on June 19 and this Monday his body has been found dead in the East River of New York, as reported by the Police Department of the city through a tweet.

Photo by Etika / YouTube

Daniel Desmond, the real name of youtuber, had more than 800,000 followers on YouTube, a platform where he broadcast his videogame games and where he presented the news of the gamer market, especially from Nintendo. The agents began searching the body in the waters of this river after finding Etika's personal belongings on the bridge that separates Long Island from Manhattan. They found their cell phone and a Nintendo Switch console, as reported by The New York Post. The police reported that Etika had a conversation on the phone on Wednesday, the 19th, at 8:00 pm and that afterwards nobody knew anything about him. The day before his disappearance, Daniel had posted on the social network an eleven minute video talking about suicidal thoughts, something that left his fans worried. He called it I'm Sorry, and the images showed youtuber walking sad and down the streets of New York talking about suicide and how social networks "consumed" him. "I'm sorry I left such a tainted legacy in. I hope my story helps make YouTube a better place in the future, where people know the limits and boundaries and how far things should go," Etika said. In the video, the youtuber said that he was "mentally ill" and that "he really did not intend" to commit suicide, but that he "always went too far".

Video by Etika Youtube Channel Gamerade

Although the police reported Tuesday that they had found the body, they found it last Monday afternoon, near the South Street Seaport, in southern Manhattan, after receiving an emergency call from a person who saw a body floating in the river, as it is collected by El Mundo. "A forensic doctor will determine the cause of death after the relevant autopsy, the investigation continues," the police said. One of her friends, also youtuber, wrote a message on her Twitter account after hearing the terrible news: "Whenever I asked him if he really intended to commit suicide he would look at me with disgust, he would say 'no, of course not It's metaphorical, why do you think that? Was his "spiritual awakening" just a facade? He really died thinking that his spirit did not exist beyond his body?

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icc world cup 2019

Are you interested to be a part of the next ICC cricket world cup carnival next year? You need to know a little more about the game and the cricket world cup, 2019 teams before you visit the place. Here is a simple and informative guide that has been put together to give you a basic concept of what exactly the game is about and how it is played and what new will be seen in the next world cup to be held next summer. Concerning the ICC cricket entire world cup 2019 - The 2019 ICC cricket entire world cup is set to take place in the stadiums of Wales and England. 

The gaming sessions will be experienced by both these areas. It is none other than Australia, you consider the history of winning team in the world cup cricket. Which comprises the entire world cup finals as well where they collaborated, and the kangaroo team has claimed five titles in total for the cup with the competitions the New Zealand. The officials have announced that the ICC cricket cup 2019 will consist ICC world cup 2019 groups stage. The top four qualifying teams will go on for the semi final rounds and after that the final which will take place at the Lords. 

The officials announced it that there will be 48 games to be played in complete and all of them would Be played in 11 distinct 2019 entire world cup venue in across England and Wales. ICC World Cup Tickets - The ICC Cricket entire world cup 2019 has great news for the people who encounter see the game with family. Children below the age of 2 can watch the game for free as long as they do not take a seat. The children above the age of 2 can watch the game for just 6. Other than this, if you want to take a closer look at the game from closer galleries, you might be charged a little more, but on average, the ticket prices will remain 40. 
The game is played on the 22 yard pitch and has two wickets each on which bail is balanced on three stumps. What's the role of umpires in the game? During the game, the referee makes some signals to make sure everyone has an idea what is all going and how much the game has reached. What to eat throughout the match duration? At its ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, you can have a wide range of both food and beverage options to choose from and enjoy the game. In accordance with the officials, the food zones at all the stadiums will likely avail a broad range of dietary options that you may enjoy with your loved ones while watching the live matches. Fixtures to its ICC World Cup Cricket 2019 - The ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 fixtures have been confirmed of two time entire world champions India which will play their 9 matches within six different cities within England from 5th June onwards till sixth of July.