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8 Suitable Toys for 6 to 12-month-olds

8 Suitable Toys for 6 to 12-month-olds

Between 6 and 12 months is a time of fast-growing age for your baby. For many parents,
they will feel like they have come out of the sleepless days and are really getting the hang of

During this stage, babies become stronger, more communicative, and much more aware.
They will explore and develop everything by putting it in their mouth. They will chew on
literally everything in their path to ease gums when teething. Buy online toys for kids when
your baby will start to enjoy toys that move or make a noise when they touch them. They will
start to sit, crawl, stand and begin to see the world from a different viewpoint.

8 Suitable Toys for 6 to 12-month-olds

Age and skills

● Between six to twelve months, your baby will learn that objects they cannot see may
be hidden and not gone.

● They will start to like particular toys to play with and show affection towards favourite
dolls and teddies.

● Babies will start to grip objects, pass them from one hand to another and bang them

● They will start crawl, stand up and take their first few steps.

● They will enjoy hide and seek games.

● They will know how to use toys such as telephones and hammers correctly.

● They will start to recognize and identify pictures in books.

Suitable toys

Following is the list of suitable and the best list of your zero to 12 months old baby boy or

Bath and water toys

Swimming and pouring toys will help your baby to learn about water and make bath time
more fun and easy for you. Little ones will love bubble baths in floating and rolling toys like

Soft dolls and teddies

Choose dolls, teddies and stuffed animals that are small enough for your baby to pick up in
their tiny hands and play with them. There should be no extra small parts they can put in
their mouth.

Noisy Toys

Wooden eating spoons, saucepans, and plastic bowls will provide your baby with all they
need to make noise, or you could buy a toy drum or baby band. Great for stimulating the
senses and boosting hand to eye coordination skills.

Shape sorters

Pairing objects and placing into the right opening helps your baby learn about shapes and

matching. Activity Triangle with lots of rattling beads, a spinning wheel, mirror, and lots of
shapes to push and pull, your baby will have hours of fun.


Buy plastic blocks or something a bit softer like the Alphabet Blocks. At this age of six to
twelve, your baby will only stack two or three blocks at a time. This bright and colourful pack
of Alphabet Blocks are the perfect way to get your little one.

Moving Toys

Simple and small cars and other push-along toys like the Wooden Highchair Toy your child
can handle the beads and trace them up and down, which helps strengthen little fingers and
develops to start new skills.


When your baby starts to turn pages by himself/herself, you should introduce board books
and use lift-the-flap books to share hide and seek games. Making your child a habitual
reader from as early as possible is a great idea.

Role play toys

A toy telephone like a cute learning Phone, which is a bright, colourful phone. It usually has
four buttons which can be pressed to hear numbers, colours, and a fun ring tone sound.
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