9 Ways to Make WordPress Blog Attractive

by - February 04, 2019

9 Ways to Make WordPress Blog Attractive
Sometimes we neglect something which can make our blog site more attractive because the small things can bring the best result. Many bloggers are searching for information about how to make WordPress blog attractive. You are at the right place now. In this article, I am going to show you some best ways by following which you can improve your blog posts. Every blog has their characteristics as like as a man. To make your blog site professional, you need to post some attractive blogs. Every month a lot of people view different WordPress websites. When a man visits your sites, powerful effects fall on how your contents look. So, it is very important to make your WordPress blog attractive.


9 Tips Which Make WordPress Blog Attractive:
Sometimes it occurs that, your contents are amazing, but you are not getting so many, visitors. In this condition, what is the lack? Yes, to grab the attention of the visitors, you need to make WordPress blog attractive. Now I am going to describe the suggestions that will help you to make your blog more attractive. Just read it carefully and follow the instructions. 

1# Choosing Right Theme:
It is the foundation of the look of your blog. You will find a lot of wordpress theme You need to choose one which will look professional. It will not so costly to hire a designer to customize or build a theme according to your desire. You can hire a theme developer from any freelancing site like freelancer.com or up work.

2# Splash Header and Attractive Footer:
The header is the most important part which shows the way to the people to find those they want. It is the part to explain all things shortly on the homepage. Here, we keep the essential contents briefly. It is also necessary to make the footer attractive because people even look at the footer. The decent ending also gives your blog a nice touch.

3# Use Slider:
Add some slider and keep some vital post on it with some big images. It is an excellent decision to attract visitors. It is the way that people can see the best contents of your site.

4# Don’t Add More Ads:
The blog can go under the ads. Focus on how you can make your blog reach to the people. Do not plaster it with so many ads because ads can kill the blog’s credibility. Do not put more ads on the articles and also avoid the pop-up ads.  So, it is better to ditch the ads and then promote the blog in the right way.

5# Add Feature of Breaking News:
It is a cool idea to provide the breaking news which gives the site extra importance. It is good for any kinds of blogs.

6# Post Regularly:
If you post the content regularly, the visitors will visit your site to read them. You can give some schedule to post the contents. It helps to increase the visitor to visit your site for your scheduled contents.

7# Comment Option and Style:
The comment option is always good for a blog. Admin comment or reply is good, but it will be better if you have the option of the author’s comment.  The style of the comment will be appealing and looks very good. It increases the users comment on the posts.

8# Relevant Images:
Selecting the images for your post is a very important decision. After all, you will try your best to make your content stand out and eye-catchy that the users will like it. You will select the images that can go with your post and make your blog post stylish.

9# User-Friendly Site:
The important characteristic of the attractive blog is its user-friendly interface. You can design it with some colorful icons. The site will be convenient to use. You can add the social media button such as twitter, Facebook, Reddit and some others on your site. Besides, you can use some plugins to encourage your users to share your posts.

Final Thought:
The tips of make WordPress bog attractive are a lot. The ideas will change your site and open a new hope. You can make the changes and see the result. WordPress site is the site that allows you to customize it by yourself. So, to make your site professional and to go ahead with your business, try to give it a professional look and make it more attractive to the visit

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