Best programming language to learn in 2019

by - February 26, 2019

Best programming language to learn in 2019

A programming language is a tool to design and develop any software or application. The question is which language should we learn if we want to pursue software or application developer.
There is a bunch of programming language but few of them are frequently used languages. In this article, we have listed the top programming language used to maximum software. Let’s have a look-

Best programming language to learn in 2019

Top 10 Programming Language

R language


The developer of Python language is Guido van Rossum and its release in 1991. The reason for putting this programming language on the top in the list is-
Advantage of Python
It supports a variety of system and platform
It has object-oriented Programming OOPs driven.
Python enhances programmer’s productivity.
Also has extensive libraries

Disadvantage Of Python

It cannot be ideal for Mobile Computing
Its database access layer is little undeveloped and raw.
Python is mostly used in Business applications, Web and Internet Development, Desktop GUIs Scientific and Numeric applications.
Python is easy to learn. Expected salary range of Python developer in the United State is $114,383 per year.


The developer of Java language is James Gosling and primarily designed at Sun Microsystems in the year 1996. Let’s see the advantage and disadvantage of

Advantage of Java

Java is Object oriented language
It offers APIs for various activities like Database connection, XML parsing utilities, Networking, etc..
Also has powerful open source libraries 

Disadvantage of Java

It offers expensive memory management.
Due to the absence of templates, there is little difficult to create a high-quality data structure.
Memory management in Java is quite expensive.
Java is mostly used in android app development, web apps. The average salary limit of a Java developer in the USA is $101,013.


R programming language is developed by Robert Gentleman and Ross Ihaka in the University of Auckland. The project is on board in 1992 but the first version in release in 1995 and a stable beta version released in 2000.

Advantage Of R language

R programming language is a comprehensive statistical analysis language encourages innovations.
Being a statical language is easy to code
R is an Open source software and supports GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows.
It is cross-platform language so it can be used on a different platform. 

Disadvantage of R language

It does not have better memory management. So, it consumes all free memory.
Application of R language is  Data science projects, machine learning, and Statistical computing. And the average salary offer to R developer is ranged between $90,042.


Previously JavaScript is known as called LiveScript. Later, it was renamed as a JavaScript. As LiveScript, it is first shipped with Netscape Navigator 2.0 in September 1995.

Advantages of JavaScript

Comparitively Javascript is very faster as it can be run in the client’s side browser.
JavaScript is Simple to learn
It can work in combination with another language also. That’s why it is used in a variety of applications.

Disadvantage of JavaScript

JavaScript will not allow multiple inheritances.
In JavaScript, no copy and equal method are available.
JavaScript is mostly applied in web and mobile app development. And average pay of JavaScript developers is $110,981.


Apple is the developer of swift. It is developed in 2010 and after that iOS developers do not need to work with Objective-C.
Advantage of Swift
Codes used in swift are nearly like natural English. So its easy to read and write.
It's easy to add new features in Swift programming language and it makes it high-level language.
This language has short codes line.
It has auto memory management.

Disadvantage of Swift

Because of rapid updates on the swift version. So, it is a little unstable.
Talking about swift, this programming language is work with Apple's Cocoa and Cocoa Touch framework and creates all types of iOS apps.

That’s all!
Here we have enlisted top 10 programming language, popular all over the world. All these languages have own significant and application.

Hope you like the information. Keep sharing the good stuff with everyone. And drop all your query regarding the topic in the comment section

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