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How Much Ram Do I Need For Gaming

How Much Ram Do I Need For Gaming

Building your own PC can be quite a daunting task. Especially if you're doing it for the first time. For many of the biggest problem is deciding how much RAM they should buy. It seems pretty straightforward at first.
Kind of like storage the more the better but this isn't the case, in fact, you'll probably have a much easier time deciding on a CPU and a GPU.
Then you're well on how much RAM to get. This is understandable seeing how much misinformation there is floating out there on how much RAM modern games need and can use.

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The Role Of Ram In Games

What role does RAM playing games? well, it depends on the games and AI memos, for example, Ram is usually this Hank while in RPGs it tends to be a mage. Pad jokes aside the RAM are what ensures that the game runs properly. Without any hiccups by storing all the relevant data that your PC might need to run that game.
Picking and Ram was even trickier in the past. When different games had vastly different requirements and you had to pick the right Ram brands speed capacity and type. Luckily we're now having much easier with the introduction of the 64-bit operating systems.
64-bit operating systems allow for much more freedom when buying RAM in the four gigabyte RAM capacity 32-bit Wednesday. With that said it's now easier than ever to buy more RAM than you really need.

Ram Capacities

Which Ram capacities are more common today. Well, today home computers mostly have 4 8 or 16 gigabytes of RAM. 16 gigabytes is far from the limit and there are even some motherboards that allow for 128 gigabytes of RAM.
The first three are somewhat of a norm it all depends on what you're using your PC for. 4 gigabytes is commonly found in office computers or those still running on 34 bit OS. While it's mostly able to run modern games this won't be the case for long. 8 gigabytes is considered the minimum for any serious gaming PC.
With 8 gigabytes of RAM, you should be to run most games without any problem. It should even be able to start the most demanding game with hardly a noticeable performance drop. 16 gigabytes is the optimal amount of RAM for gaming today what we mean by this is that you will never run out of RAM.
Regardless of what game you're playing and it makes your PC ready for a 4k game. Just make sure your computer isn't running any memory heavy programs in the background and you should be just fine. more RAM than this is wasted on gaming. Some people might get 32 gigabytes of RAM for their gaming PC in order to future-proof it but this is paranoid.
Honestly, DDR4 memory will be outdated long before 16 gigabytes of RAM does even with the 4k thrown in the mix.
These 32 plus gigabytes of RAM builds aren't meant for gaming they're geared towards professionals who do a lot of video editing 3d modeling and other RAM intensive work. If you're not among these people then getting more than 16 gigabytes of RAM is simply a waste of money.

How Much Ram Should I get?

The next question you're probably asking yourself is should I get 8 or 16 gigabytes. Well, 16 gigabytes is undoubtedly the way to go right now. If you aren't on a budget it won't grow obsolete any time soon.
If you're unsure or on a tight budget then 8 gigabytes is more than a viable choice. It's a great way to cut costs and it should still have you covered for the foreseeable future.
The great thing about RAM is that should you need more you can always buy more all you need is the right motherboard.

Single Module Vs Multiple Module

Here's the next thing you should consider. Should you buy single or multiple brand modules nearly every motherboard supports dual channel memory nowadays. While some even support quad channel.
Dual Channel will give you a performance boost we can't deny that but this post is hardly substantial. You probably won't even notice it in games. Instead, the main advantage of having multiple Ram modules is that they offer a greater contingency in case of failure and a much cheaper to repair.
There you have a 16-gigabyte module and it breaks. Your whole computer will be unstable until you can replace it.
But if you have to 8-gigabyte modules and one breaks your computer will operate just fine on the remaining one plus a new 8-gigabyte module will be considerably cheaper than a 16 gigabyte one.

If you've decided on which Ram setup is best for you then let us know what you think in the comments. As always if you find this video helpful and don't forget to share.

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