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Offshore Hosting And Best Offshore Hosting Providers

Offshore Hosting And Best Offshore Hosting Providers

Offshore Hosting And Best Offshore Hosting Providers

The literal definition of offshore hosting that we recognize is the process of hosting your data in a country other than your own. However, there are more features of offshore hosting. which we’ll outline below;

     Offshore hosting providers value the data confidentiality of their customers, and the law of the country in which it is located reflects this value - from corrupt or non-corrupt institutions to retrieving data from the cost of their profits Does not allow the privacy of customers in any form.
     Offshore hosting providers provide more flexible content policy, which does not violate the laws of a democratic, first-world country. For example, we allow expression of political views of someone in a country where freedom of speech is not tolerated or sharing sensitive and relevant information in a country where freedom of the press is not allowed.

Top Offshore Hostings Providers services


As part of its shared hosting plans, Host provides a free domain, unlimited disk space and bandwidth, and WHOIS privacy protection. Hosting sign-up process is simple.

Site owners can easily create an account with an email address and select the plan for them. When payment method options are presented, simply select the bitcoin, and you can run your anonymous site in minutes.

The full review of

     24/7/365 ticket and live chat support.
     99.9% network uptime guarantee.
     FREE domain, site builder, backups, and SSL certificate.
     Unlimited bandwidth, databases, and email accounts.
     Speedy SSDs optimize performance.


AccuWebHosting's WordPress Support plans are powered by high-performance SSDs (Learn more about the difference between SSDs and HDDs), guaranteeing that your visitors did not experience gaps when navigating to your site. Other features in the planning scheme of AccuWebHosting include:

     60GB bandwidth
     30,000 monthly visitors
     Support for all WordPress themes
     Free migration
     Free domain registration

And, with a 30-day money-back guarantee, there is not enough to lose by signing up for the service. Take a look at our full review in the table below, how AccuWebHosting can help you remove your anonymous WordPress site from the ground.


Hivelocity is well known for offering its strong dedicated server on a 24-hour basis. And, the good news for site owners is that they remain anonymous - the host also accepts bitcoins.

The host claims hundreds of dedicated servers every month to customers worldwide. These site owners move towards Hivelocity for their enterprise-level hardware and other allowances category:

     24/7 support by phone, chat, and ticket
     Less than 15-minute response time
     Private LAN for IPMI
     Cloud DNS management interface
     99.999% uptime rates

4. Imgur

It is the most popular image hosting platforms. It’s services allows users to upload pictures, make gifs, and create links from them. The best thing? It's free. And, if the oblivion is a concern, then uploaded images without any account are hidden from normal search and there are no identifying marks in them. These images can only be viewed after sharing the URL.

Other anonymous image hosting options are also available. Some, like, act as an anonymous entrance to Imgur. In this situation, users can upload images to the CTRLQ platform, where they will be automatically shared on Imgur later under the company's normal account. In this way, you can still remain anonymous, and your images will be searched by the general public.

5.  IT Itch

Promising the privacy, security, and reliability of site owners, IT offers private domain registration and anonymous web hosting and email accounts. Bitcoin is the default payment method, so customers should not worry about personal information using the credit card or bank accounts.

6.  LibertyVPS

Another offshore hosting provider, LibertyVPS, provides anonymous owners access to virtual private servers with immediate setup capabilities to site owners. This host accepting bitcoin as one of its many payment methods. is also providing bitcoin VPS and offshore vps, 2013 accepting bitcoin as the payment method and supporting the Bitcoin community.

We accept bitcoin as one of the many payment methods of our bitcoin vps. Bitcoin is the best and easiest way to pay online and is completely anonymous to maintain your privacy. All Bitcoin payments are processed automatically through BitPay and will be credited after payment is made.


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