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Top Tips for perfect Bicycle Touring

Top Tips for perfect Bicycle Touring

Before starting and starting your first bike ride with pedal, you should only know a few things about how to pack, what luggage to buy, what bicycles would be appropriate and cycling routes to start. With some adjustments for convenience and loading, any bike can become a two-wheeled vacation vehicle. But are you sitting comfortably? Blewo here Some Top Tips for perfect Bicycle Touring.

Top Tips for perfect Bicycle Touring

Saddle and padded shorts:

To spend long hours in the chair, comfort is everything, so take care of your contact points and your position, that is, your hands, feet and back. If you're not interested in the lyre look, opt for baggy mountain bike shorts with padded lining, or use bags on Lycra or three-quarter lengths to keep you warm, supported and the important bone filler. Preventing is easier than curing sores, so if you are used to long days in the chair, consider using a chamois cream to prevent chafing.


A change that is as good as a break, having a variety of positions with your hands is vital to drive all day in comfort. This is the reason why traditional touring bicycles have curled drop bars. Moving your hands towards the "drops" (the lower section of the bars) also allows you to subtly change the position of the upper body and the weight distribution, relieving the pressure points. They help you to lower also in winds against.
Add padded bar tape or replace the handlebars by others ergonomically, or add ergonomic bar ends to the straight handlebars of mountain bike if that is what is equipped with your bike, it will also help to eliminate potentially painful pressure points in your hands.

Pedals and cycling shoes:

All the force for your forward movement has to go through your feet towards the pedals, hit by hit, so do not ignore this important point of contact. Comfortable cycling shoes with a rigid sole will greatly improve pedaling efficiency and help you tire less quickly. If you want to go the extra mile, literally, in comfort and efficiency, and then consider the "clip less" pedals, which are confusing, that uses a staple on the sole of the shoes to hold and remove the double-sided pedals. The hollowed-down cove means that you can still walk comfortably enough off the bike.

Which tires?

One of the easiest ways to add a little extra comfort to your bike is to ride thicker tires. The so-called "fat bicycles" with their inflated tires take this to an extreme, but even climbing a few millimeters in the circumference of the tires on your road bike will make a big difference in the comfort of big miles, floating on difficult roads.

Baggage for cycle touring:

As a general rule, take all your kit on the bike, not your back. Carrying a backpack is fine for short trips, but to travel day to day can be exhausting, sweaty and increase the discomfort of the saddle by putting more weight on your back.
Place two cages for bottles: if you travel somewhere where the water can be easily removed from the faucets, you can fill the second bottle with tools.

How to pack for a cycle tour:

In order to extend the weight back and forth and maintain a low center of gravity for better handling, pack the heavier kit on the bottom of the low-load front suitcases. Keep the things you need daily on top of your packages, such as the camera and the stove. Fill in the gaps for stability and roll up, do not fold the clothes to reduce wrinkles!


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