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The 'youtuber' Etika, in one of his videos. GAMERADE / YOUTUBE The famous youtuber Etika disappeared on June 19 and this Monday his body has been found dead in the East River of New York, as reported by the Police Department of the city through a tweet.

Photo by Etika / YouTube

Daniel Desmond, the real name of youtuber, had more than 800,000 followers on YouTube, a platform where he broadcast his videogame games and where he presented the news of the gamer market, especially from Nintendo. The agents began searching the body in the waters of this river after finding Etika's personal belongings on the bridge that separates Long Island from Manhattan. They found their cell phone and a Nintendo Switch console, as reported by The New York Post. The police reported that Etika had a conversation on the phone on Wednesday, the 19th, at 8:00 pm and that afterwards nobody knew anything about him. The day before his disappearance, Daniel had posted on the social network an eleven minute video talking about suicidal thoughts, something that left his fans worried. He called it I'm Sorry, and the images showed youtuber walking sad and down the streets of New York talking about suicide and how social networks "consumed" him. "I'm sorry I left such a tainted legacy in. I hope my story helps make YouTube a better place in the future, where people know the limits and boundaries and how far things should go," Etika said. In the video, the youtuber said that he was "mentally ill" and that "he really did not intend" to commit suicide, but that he "always went too far".

Video by Etika Youtube Channel Gamerade

Although the police reported Tuesday that they had found the body, they found it last Monday afternoon, near the South Street Seaport, in southern Manhattan, after receiving an emergency call from a person who saw a body floating in the river, as it is collected by El Mundo. "A forensic doctor will determine the cause of death after the relevant autopsy, the investigation continues," the police said. One of her friends, also youtuber, wrote a message on her Twitter account after hearing the terrible news: "Whenever I asked him if he really intended to commit suicide he would look at me with disgust, he would say 'no, of course not It's metaphorical, why do you think that? Was his "spiritual awakening" just a facade? He really died thinking that his spirit did not exist beyond his body?

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