Good Night Messages, Wishes and Quotes

Good Night Wishes

  • Proceed to bed and get prepared for the best sleep ever because you’ll never have a warmer and quieter night than this one. Good night!
  • For me, the only truth in life is that you and your love. When I wake up every morning, all I need is you to begin a new moment. Good night!
  • May you have a peaceful sleep tonight!
  • Good night dear. Just ensure your body is well prepared to have the challenges of tomorrow. Sleep well!
  • The sound of your breathing is the sweetest lullaby on the planet. May you get a sweet sleep with a great deal of romantic dreams of us. Good night!
Good Night Messages, Wishes and Quotes
  • Nights like this, are blessings from God. Do not squander this boon by staying awake. Take a solid sleep tonight!
  • A fresh morning is waiting for you. Because the brand new day wants you to be healthy and all charged up. Good night!

  • Sleep like a king at night and work like a boss at the day. Nothing could prevent you from reaching the surface of the ladder. Good night!
  • You have numerous reasons to thank God, but first thank him for such a peaceful night like this. What a blissful night to get a good sleep. Good night!

Sweet Good Night Wishes

Good Night Wishes
  • Every moment of those long nights is a moment to be grateful to God for having you. I’m thinking of you and missing you a great deal. Good night!
  • The beautiful moon shining over my head is reminding me with a beautiful face. A face that can erase each and every single painful memory in my entire life.
  • My dreams are so full of you. I wish your dreams tonight be so filled with me. Can’t wait for the morning to satisfy you and hug you. Good night!
  • A thousand stars have lit up the night skies like you’ve lit up my whole life. My days start with you in the morning and end with you through the night! Good night!
  • Kissing in your forehead in the morning and at night before going to sleep has become my daily dose of happiness. Good night!
  • The night breeze is blowing through my hair and the tender touch reminds me of your kisses. I wish I did not need to miss you this much.
  • There’s something which is large, warm and fuzzy. Before getting too many thoughts, you ought to know that it is a good night hug sent from me to you!
  • I wish I was the pillow that cushion under your mind tonight. I’d be sure you have the best sleep tonight. Good night!
  • I don’t need anything else to warm up me as long as you love me. Because the heat of your love is all that I desire. Good night!
  • You’re the reason I have sleepless nights. And you are the reason why I can not sleep without saying goodnight.
  • As the moonlight dims and the world goes quiet, give yourself some relaxation. Good night my love!

Good Night Messages for Him

  • I can not consider anything more relaxing and relaxing than sleeping beside you at night. I know someday, we’ll make it happen. Good night!
  • I have had so many excellent moments now. I look forward to spending yet another day with you tomorrow. Good night my beloved!
  • Your ideas keep me awake at night. However, it isn’t important since I get to see your charming face when I am awake. Good night!
  • When I see you lying next to me at the bed, I feel the happiest & the luckiest woman alive. Good night!
  • Without you, there’s absolutely no sunshine in my entire life. You’re my passion, my life, and my salvation. Good night darling.

Good night Messages for Her

  • Tonight, as you sleep with the silence on earth, only know that I’ll be on your dream to give you a hug!
  • Someday we will be right next to each other in the bed and we are going to be waiting for a brand new morning with a new passion to appreciate each other! Good night!
  • Tonight, I’ll be your colorful dream along with your sweetest sleep daily. Just let me when I knock on the door of your heart. Good night!
  • Nothing gives me more pleasure than holding you in my arms. Good night!
  • You’re everything in my life. I need nothing more and nothing less! Good night!

Good Night Messages for Friends

  • It is the ending of another spectacular day with you. Now recharge yourself as tomorrow we will have a larger one. Good night dear friend!
  • I really don’t need to interrupt my much-needed sleep, but I actually can’t close my eyes until I say goodnight to you. So good night buddy! Good night.
  • I know you are tired but it is a long night. Good night my buddy. Take a sound sleep!
  • There are many stars in the skies tonight & I was wondering which one is one. Because my friend, you are a true star! Good night!
  • Laughs, smiles, cries, frowns, fights and pranks — I would have missed all of life’s best emotions if it weren’t for a bestie just like you. Good night.
  • I won’t take any selfies for another 12 hours. Not because it will be dark but since they’ll be without friends like you. Good night.
  • Welcome aboard Sweet Dreams Airlines. Enjoy, good night.
  • The only reason I’ve got the sweetest of dreams is that I anticipate spending another day with amazing friends like you. Good night.
  • Just like how the skyline looks during the nighttime, our friendship adds a sense of personality and glamour into my everyday life.
  • I know I take you for granted every now and then even though you are my bestie, but being lonely every night reminds me of just how valuable you are to me. xoxo
  • Even the depression of a dark and lonely night transforms into a sweet harmony when I consider the memories of our friendship. Good night.
  • In life, achievement is not always measured by how large you can dream. Real success, can be measured by the number of friends you can share your dreams with. Good night my friend.

Funny Good Night Messages

  • The quietness of this beautiful night reminds me of you. How do I sleep peacefully at this night without disturbing you?
  • Sleep is a type of temporary departure for us. How nice it would if some individuals never awakened in the morning! You know I am talking about you! Good night!
  • A lousy person as if you can do some favor to the rest of the world. All you have to do is have a tight sleep tonight and not wake up in the daytime.
  • I hope your nights are filled with dreams and your dreams are full of ghosts and witches. And include this together with your habit of sleepwalking. Wishing you a great night!
  • Nights are great time to see horror movies. Then going to bed knowing ghosts are unreal. But waking up midnight with fear and perspiration.
  • Goodnight, don’t allow the bed bugs bite. No, actually, I think I saw one when I was at your home earlier. Sleep tight!
  • Occasionally I am goofy, but don’t ever feel that I don’t care. No matter what, for you, I will always be there. Good night.
  • Hey, Night is designed for remainder not for text. So switch off your cell phone and visit the world of fantasies. Good night.
  • Regardless of the size of your bed, do not stop yourself by dreaming king size. Good night.
  • Night is to observe the dreams and day is to make them true. So its great to sleep right now and see the dreams. Good Night, Sweet Dreams!
  • Dreams are the best part of life. Should you miss sleep, then you miss the best aspect of life. So go to bed and catch sweet dreams. Good Night.

Inspirational Good Night Messages

  • Leave behind your anxieties and frustrations. As the sun climbs once again at the sunrise, wake up new hopes, dreams, and determination.
  • Pack all of your sadness. Have a break from all the negativity of life and get a soft, warm bed to sleep .
  • Sometimes in your life, you just have to wait around for the ideal moment to begin again. The same as at night you wait till the sunrise up and light up your way.
  • Night is a good time to conserve your power and boost your strength up for the battle of next day. So, don’t keep yourself till late in the night. Sleep early and sleep tight!
  • Its time to believe all the good things you did now. Wishing you a good night
  • You owe it to yourself to finish the day with great ideas. Now, you have up and did everything you could. Tomorrow is another fresh start no matter what.
  • May the dark clouds of the nighttime shadow all your worries. May the shining stars light your fantasies, and can the soft moon become a soothing balm to all of the troubles in your life. Good night.
  • Quit thinking about all of the things people said to hurt your feelings. Simply hold on tightly to the memories of all the times somebody made you smile. Good night.
  • Let the light of the moon guide your dreams as you pass on the night away.
  • Life without sleeping doesn’t exist, a day with no night isn’t the blessing, this time to appreciate GOD’s character inside of you with your eyes closed. Rosy night.
  • Forget all of the worries, Set your mind free, Of all the everyday tensions, And whatever likely to be tomorrow. Have a good sleep and have a fresh start. Good Night!
  • Night is longer than a day when you DREAM and the afternoon is more than night for people who create their DREAMS come true.

Good Night Quotes

  • I like the night. With no dark, we’d never find the stars. — Stephenie Meyer
  • Sleep peacefully knowing you’ve done everything you can do for today. — Roald Dahl
  • May I kiss you then? — Franz Kafka
  • The longest way has to have its close — the gloomiest night will wear to some morning.
  • Night is always darker before the sunrise and life is identical, the hard times will pass, everything will get better and sun will shine brighter . — Ernest Hemingway

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