120+ Special Birthday Wishes

Special Birthday Wishes

  • ! Congratulations! Did You Think I Was Likely To Forget Your Birthday? I Could Never Do Anything! I Would Like You To Have A Fantastic Time With This Special Day, And Also Be Able To Reach Everything You Have Proposed.
  • ! Congratulations! I Wish You Joy For This Day And That You Have The Power To Continue On Your Way For A Different Year. You Are A Person Filled With Power And Able To Dare With Everything. Congratulations!
  • A Birthday Is A Special Day In Your Life. Enjoy Yours To Its Fullest.
  • A Very Special Individual Deserves But The Most Special Wishes On Their Birthday Now! I Am Wishing You An Incredibly Happy And Magnificent Birthday!
  • Although Occasionally You Go Through Hard Situations, Remember That You Rely On Me And Whenever You Need It, I’Ll Be Present To Assist You And Encourage You To Proceed. Happy Birthday, Sweetie! My Present To You Is My Friendship.
  • As Time Goes, I Saw You Grow Up , And Now You Have Come To Be A Girl. I Get Excited Just Thinking About It, And I Must Inform You: Congratulations, You Are Very Special To Me!
  • Because You’re A Great Friend And An Heterosexual Spouse, Now, I Want To Wish You A Special Birthday, In Which You Receive Everything You Can Imagine. Congratulations!
Special Birthday Wishes
  • Being By Your Side Is My Most Enormous Fortune, Especially On Those Important Dates Such As The One We Celebrate Today. I’M Blessed To Have You.

Birthday Wishes To Someone Special

  • Birthday Is Always Special As It Gives You The Ability To See How Far You’ve Come And How Much You Still Have To Go.
  • Congratulations On Your Daily Life, And Also Have A Fantastic Time Because This Kind Of Special Person Deserves A Phenomenal Birthday. Happy Birthday!
  • Congratulations On Your Day, Dear Friend. May This Birthday Be Enormous, And May All Your Dreams Come True.
  • Congratulations! I Have Been Awaiting This Day For A While Now. And I Have To Inform You: I Adore You So Much Better. My Aim Is That This Message Will Serve To Create Your Day.
  • Do Not Think That You’re Likely To Age Annually, But You Will Be A More Exciting Year. The Era That Appears On Your Id Is Only A Number, But In No Case Represents The Era Of Your Spirit. Don’T Waste A Second And Continue Living Life In Your Own Rate, Just As You’ve Done Thus Far That You Are Doing Well. Congratulations!
  • During Our Lives, We Have Encountered Many Barriers, But We Have Bypassed Them. We Can Say We Have Been In This Voucher For Tears, And We Have Was Happy That Everybody. You Know That I Adore You So Much. Appreciate The Day Of Your Birthday!
Birthday Wishes To Someone Special
  • Enjoy A Fantastic Day Now, In The Business Of Your Loved Ones And Your Friends, For You Are Celebrating Another Year Of Life And Deserve That Everyone Is With You To Wish You Many Congratulations. Happy Birthday!
  • Enjoy A Wonderful, Joyful, Wholesome Birthday Today And Eternally. Happy Birthday!
  • Every Day Is To Celebrate You, But Today Is A Special Event To Praise Your Amazing Presence. Happy Birthday, Dear! You Are A Miracle Of Life. Congratulations.
  • For An Special Individual, Today Of The Birthday, I Would Like To Give You Something Which You’ve Not Been Given. A Kiss? It Wouldn't Be Enough. There Must Be Something More Important Than The Entire Universe. You Deserve It All To Be You Are, Work Of Miracles, Will God Bless You And Fill You With Joy And Happiness Throughout Your Life. You’re The Best I Have Ever Known, And I Don’T Believe There Are Words To Express What I Feel For You.
  • For An Special Man On His Birthday. I Wish That Today, Tomorrow And Forever, All Of The Angels Of Heaven Will Accompany You To Look After You During Your Life And That You Remain As You Are. Never Alter And Keep Wasting Virtues Where You Go.
  • For Being An Special Individual, Now, On Your Birthday, I Wish To Congratulate You And Ask Paradise To Cover You With A Mantle Of Blessings So That You Can Constantly Have Lifestyle, The Things You Appreciate Most.
  • For That Good Buddy Who Always Manages To Make Me Grin, Happy Birthday! It Is My Hope That This Day Is Ideal And That You Receive As Much Love And Happiness As You Share With The Entire World.
  • For This Exceptional Being Who Has Won My Heart And Steals Thousands Of Smiles Every Day, Happy Birthday!
Special Birthday Wishes
  • Forget All Worries And Bad Memories Of The Previous Year And Embrace The Brand New Exciting And Successful Coming Year Of Your Lifetime. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday For Someone Special

  • Happy Birthday To A Special Person Who Has Fascinated Me Consistently Who Is A Great Friend .
  • Happy Birthday To My Favorite Person On Earth! Enjoy Your Day To The Fullest, You Truly Deserve It!
  • Happy Birthday To This Person That Has Become Crucial To Me. I Hope To Have You With Me A Lot Of Years More, And That Each One Of Your Days Is Full Of Happiness. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday! I Come To Congratulate You With My Most Humble Present, I Deliver A Chest Filled With Kisses, A Purse Of Love, Hugs And A Box With A Package Of Value. The Packaging Is Of Importance Because My Heart Goes Into It. In Addition, I Want That With The Eyes Of Their Soul, You Find The Tie Which Surrounds The Package. It’S Pure Gold Because That’S Worth . You Are A Really Special Individual.
  • Happy Birthday! May God Give You A Fantastic Day And Allow You To Be Surrounded By All The Ones You Love Most, So You Can Get An Unbeatable Birthday. I Send You A Hug.
  • Happy Birthday! Now I Want To Offer You All My Love And Service Because You’re A Really Special Person, I Hope You Have A Beautiful Day In The Business Of All Your Family Members And Friends Who Love You So Much And May God Bless You.
Special Birthday Wishes
  • Happy Birthday, My Great Friend! You Have Achieved So Much In Such A Brief Time. Hope This Year Is The Best Yet.
  • Have You Any Idea Why I Never Need To Ask For Almost Any Blessings From God? That Is Because He Has Given Me Friends Like You!
  • Having Understood, You’re The Best Thing That Could Happen To Me In Life Because Now I Have The Pleasure Of Sharing With You Daily, And Of Residing Unforgettable Moments Which Will Remain Forever Within My Heart. Happy Birthday My Love!

Heart Touching Birthday Messages To Get A Special Person

  • Hope That You Have A Birthday That’S As Special As You Are!
  • How Fast Time Passes, Because Just Yesterday You Were A Baby, And Today I See You Like A Whole Man. I Am Thrilled To See You Grow And Be On Your Own Side To Accompany You And Give You All My Love. Congratulations, Treasure!
  • How Happy It Makes Me Understand That, Now, You Add One More Year To Your Own Life And That Joy Becomes Even More Significant When I Recall That I Will Be With You To Observe It. Congratulations!
  • I Am Aware That It’S Your Birthday But, Rather Than Wishing You Something Sweet, I Wish To Ask You A Great Favor, And Please Don’T Ever Leave My Side, I Don’T Know What It Would Be Like Me Without You. Happy Birthday! You Are Crucial In My Life.
Happy Birthday For Someone Special
  • I Am Not Going To Be Able To Accompany You To Dismiss The Candles But Don’T Fear, Since The Next Time We’Ll Meet, We’Ll Be Quite Near, And Then We Can Observe The Birthday. Have Fun For Me Today. You Know How Much I Adore You. Congratulations!
  • I Am Pleased That It Is Your Birthday! We Will Devote The Best Day Of Your Life, Don’T Hesitate For A Moment.
  • I Can’T Conceive A Life Without You By My Side, Because Every Second And Every Minute Of Every Hour, My Greatest Desire Is To Be With You. Happy Birthday, Love!
  • I Find It Tough To Think That I Can’T Be By Your Side To Celebrate Your Birthday With You. However, From A Distance, I Would Like To Send You All My Love And My Great Wishes, Since No Thing I Can Not Watch You, I Shall Always Keep You In Mind. Happy Birthday!
  • I Have Already Discovered The Real Secret Of Happiness: It Is You! I Am Quite Grateful To Have You On My Side And To Get Your Support For Everything. Happy Day!
  • I Have Heard Many Things From You. I’Ve Managed To Be Positive, Love What Matters In Life, Have Patience, And Achieve All Fantasies. That Is Why I Am Very Grateful That You Have Appeared In My Life, And Which You’ve Changed It Forever. I Love You A Lot, And I Hope You Can Fulfill Your Dreams. Congratulations!
  • I Have Prepared Everything That This Day Is Quite Special, Which Means You Can Recall It For Life.
  • I Have The Good Fortune To Accompany You On Your Day And Also To Be An Accomplice Of Your Happiness, Celebrating With You And Your Loved Ones Which You’re Celebrating Another Year Now. Congratulations!
120+ Special Birthday Wishes
  • I Hope You Have A Great Time On Your Daily Life And Which You Can Fulfill Whatever You Put Your Mind . If Someone Can Do It, Then That Is You.
  • I Hope Your Special Day Is Filled With Fun And Happiness And Everything That You Enjoy.
  • I Know How Special Your Birthday Is For You. And That’S The Reason I Have Decided To Spare Myself From All Of My Commitments To Be On Your Own Side. Prepare That You Will Be Surprised By All Of The Surprises I Have For You. I Adore You!
  • I Love Having Met You, As It Has Become The Very Best Thing That’S Happened To Me In My Entire Life. I Am Hoping To Have You . Congratulations, And You Also Meet Many More!
  • I Need To Get Another Heart To Be Able To Appreciate You Since In One, Maybe Not All My Feelings For You Personally Fit. You Are An Special Individual, And I Want To Tell You Something. Happy Birthday! Receive With My Best Wishes A Bouquet That Speaks For Me, And Tell You What I Feel When You’re By My Side, Perhaps The Blossoms Have These Words And Talk About That Speech Since I Am Unable.
  • I Send Across My Best Wishes To One Of The Greatest Persons I Know, Who Is Just Like A Best Friend To Me And Has Given Me The Best Possible Occasions In My Entire Life. This Is Raising A Toast For The Happy Birthday!
  • I Thank Heaven For Being By Your Side, And I Treasure Every Moment I Spend With You. Happy Birthday
  • I Want You With All My Soul And My Heart To Spend One Day. She Treasures This Afternoon, And It’S That Not Every Day Reaches Her Birthday. Take The Chance And Take A Rest. You Deserve It All For Being An Authentic Person Who’S Always There For Others.
Happy Birthday Wishes
  • I Wish To Take This Day To Tell You What I Love You And How Happy You Make Me Feel. I’M Not Able To Imagine Life Without You. I Ask You To Not Go Too Far And Always Remain By My Side. I Hope You Have A Happy Birthday With My Side.
  • I Wish You 1 Thing, To Give You The Opportunity To See Yourself As I See You, Only Then You Would Understand How Special You Really Are. Happy Birthday!
  • I Wish You A Happy Day Filled With Smiles Because You Do Not Always Have The Pleasure Of Celebrating Another Year Of Life. May Everything You See, Hear And Sense Fill You With Pleasure, And That What You Ask Becomes A Fact. Happy Birthday!
  • I Wish You The Best Birthday Ever! Happy Birthday!
  • I Would Like It To Be A Very Special Evening For You And Everyone Around You Today. Plus It Has To Be Since Not Every Day Is Birthday. Be Joyful, Beautiful, And Congratulations!
  • I Would Like To Stay With You On Each Birthday. I Feel Happiness At The Present Time Where You Think. Congratulations!
  • If I Am Where I Am Today It’S For You. I’Ll Be Forever Thankful To You.
  • If I Could Make A Wish, It Would Be To Be With You On This Special Evening, Since Nothing Could Make Me Happier Than Being On Your Own Side In Your Birthday And Giving You A Huge Hug That Reminds You Of How Much I Adore You.
Birthday Wishes For Wife
  • If They Allowed Me To Make A Wish, I Would Definitely Ask To Be By Your Side Forever, Because Nothing Makes Me Happier Than To Share With You Beautiful And Unforgettable Moments. Happy Birthday!
  • In Such Sentences, You Are Able To Choose The Ones That You Like Best To Congratulate A Very Special Person On His Name. The Muse Will Come To Your Mind And Open Your Senses After Reading And Assessing Them.
  • In The Event The Special Person You Will Congratulate Is The Spouse, Then I Recommend That You Input Our Birthday Wishes For Husband Where You’ve Got A Broader List Of Congratulations To Choose From.
  • In These Lines, I Would Love To Wish You A Happy Birthday, And I Hope You Like This Gift, Because, Even If It’S Large Or Small, It Could Be Contrasted With Your Huge Heart. Congratulations!
  • It Is Complex To Express Our Joy With Words, And I Am Unable To Express How I Feel On Your Birthday. Love, Joy. I Hope That Your Day Is Unforgettable And That It Composes The Adventures Of Your Lifetime. Congratulations!
  • It Is Not Easy At All To Say In These Sentences The Happiness That I Experience Knowing That It Is Your Birthday. I Hope That Your Day Is Terrific, And Do Not Forget To Create Your Wish, Because It’Ll Be Fulfilled.
  • It Is Your Birthday, And You Still Look Prettier Than Ever. I Hope That Every Year, You Are Feeling Far Better And That You Continue To Be Dazzled With Your Special Attractiveness. Congratulations!
  • It’S Not Easy For Me To Be Far From You In This Special Moment, However, Despite The Distance, Recall How Much I Adore You And I Shall Do My Best To Devote Another Birthday With You. I Will Be With You That The Less You Expect It! Congratulations!
Birthday Wishes For Friend
  • It’S The Ideal Time To Let You Know How Happy I Am To Have You As My Friend!
  • I’Ll Build A Castle By The Sea To Be Occupied By An Special Person. That Individual Has Names And Surnames. Yours! Because That Individual Is You. Happy Birthday! Now, Tomorrow and You Will Always Be Reigning In My Heart. I Want That All The Stars Come Before You On This Beautiful Day And That You Feel Pleased To Be Who You Are. There Is No One To Suit You.
  • I’M Rather Sorry I Cannot Be With You To See You Blow The Candles On Your Cake, But I Understand I Will Be By Your Side Quite Soon And We Will Celebrate This And All The Birthdays To Come. Happy Birthday And Have A Fantastic Time.
  • I’M Sending You A Day When All Of Your Fantasies Come True And, A Year That Means The Most To You!
  • I’M So Glad To Have This Wonderful Person In My Life! May Your Special Day Bring You A Massive Joy And A True Happiness!
  • I’M So Glad You Were Born, Since You Brighten My Life And Fill It With Joy. Wishing You A Day Full Of Love And Cheer. Hoping Your Day Will Be As You Are. Happy Birthday!
  • I've Discovered That Improvements With Wine; Each Year That Passes, You Are Much Better.
  • Just For Now, Forget Everything Incorrect And Revel In The Moment, Because Something Like That Is Simply Lived Once Annually. Happy Birthday! Enjoy It A Great Deal.
Birthday Wishes For Love
  • Let Us Toast With Joy As It’S The Birthday Of A Special Person, To Whom We Would Like To Wish You A Phenomenal Day Because It’S Your Birthday. Happy Anniversary!
  • Let’s Celebrate All The Great Things Which Make You Special — Not On Your Special Day, But On Every Day Of The Year!
  • May All The Day Of This Year, You Continue Grinning Like Today. May Everyday Brings Positive Energy And Good News.
  • May You Have A Glowing Season Ahead!
  • May Your Birthday Be As Special As You Are Special To Me Whatsoever!
  • May Your Birthday Be Blessed With Everything God Wants To Offer You!

More Birthday Messages For A Individual Or Someone Special

  • My Wishes For You In Your Birthday Are Health, Love, And Prosperity Since You Don’T Want More To Live A Complete Life, Where You Are Feeling Grateful And Satisfied. Happy Birthday! Blessings To You.
Birthday Wishes Images
  • Next, We’Ll Write The Best Birthday Messages For Quite A Special Individual, With The Notion Of ​​Assisting You To Express Your Feelings Beautifully And Easily. We Expect They Are Instrumental And They Achieve The Deepest Portion Of That Person’S Heart. Who Do You Admire So Much?
  • Now I Want To See You Blow The Candles On Your Cake And Then Discuss With Your Family Members And Friends That Great Joy That You Distribute To Us Day After Day. Happy Birthday!
  • Now Isn’T Any Day, However It Is Your Birthday. I Look Forward To Having An Unforgettable Day, And To Be Able To Reflect On Everything You’ve Experienced This Past Year. Congratulations, My Entire Life!
  • Now That You Have These Fantastic Birthday Wishes For Someone Special, You Can Send A Beautiful Card To This Person You Love So Much And Wish Him The Very Best In His Day.
  • Now, Everything Around Seems To Be More Beautiful, Because God Knows That It’S The Birthday Of A Special Person And Has Made A Decision To Provide Him An Exciting Day. Happy Birthday!
  • Now, I Would Like To Ask Heaven To Allow A Rain Of Pleasure And Good Wishes Encounter You, For It’S Your Birthday, And You Deserve Only The Very Best. Happy Birthday!
  • Oh, Your Birthday Has Arrived? But It Actually Seems Only Yesterday That You Were A Complete Year Old!
  • On Some Occasions, We Find Ourselves In A Rush To Express Our Feelings Towards Somebody In Our Surroundings, Which Is On A Anniversary. I Will Help Them With A Few Birthday Messages For A Special Man Whom We Love Very Much And In The Same Time Means A Great Deal To Us.
Birthday Images
  • On Your Birthday I Give You: A Basket Full Of Fantasies, A Bucket Filled With Love, And A Box Full Of Happiness. Congratulations Sweetie.
  • Only Special People Receive Birthday Messages . And You Are That Special One! Wishing You Joy And Enjoy All Year Through!
  • Please Tell Me Exactly What The Secret Of Everlasting Beauty Is Because Every Year You Meet, You Are More Beautiful. Congratulations!

Special Birthday Wishes To A Friend

  • Such A Day As Today, Several Years Ago, You Came In My Life To Cheer Up Her And Teach Me Mother’S Love. Congratulations, Son!
  • Take A Day Off To Observe You Birthday. Happy Birthday.
  • Thank You For Being A Special Friend To Me — Completely Funny, Completely Crazy (Like Me) And Totally Caring.
  • The Benefit Of Old Age Is That You Get Lots Of People To Enjoy.
Birthday Wishes For Mom
  • The Day That You Were Born, It Had Been Marked On The Calendar Together With Golden Letters. Happy Birthday! You Are An Special Individual. If You Did Not Know, Find Out Today! May Life Fill You With All Sorts Of Congratulations, And Will All Of Your Virtues Always Stay Intact Until The Ending. They’Re The Most Sincere Wishes Of A Person Who Admires You And Are Always The First To Advocate For You Constantly.
  • The Moment I Fulfilled My Life, It Took A Radical 360ยบ Turn. I’M Thrilled To Have Met You Personally, And I Expect You Do Too. Congratulations!
  • There Could Not Be A Better Day To Have An Opportunity To Say, That You’re Wished A Joy And Luck- Be Happy Everyday!
  • There’S Absolutely No Person As Kind, Humble, And Caring As You, And That’S The Reason Why I’M Lucky To Be By Your Side. I Hope That This Is The Case For Many Years And That I Can Celebrate Tens Of Thousands Of Anniversaries With You. Happy Birthday!
  • There’S Not Any Doubt I Have Been Lucky To Meet You Since I Have Not Heard Of Anyone Who’S Even Half As Good As You Are. Happy Birthday!
  • There’S Not Any Way To Express What I Feel For You. That Is Why I Am Only Going To Tell You Two Words:”I Adore You,” And I Mean To Be Always With You. Congratulations!
  • To Get A Special Man On His Birthday. I Wish You Find In Your Way All Of The Gorgeous Things That God Has Reserved For You. Get Carried Away By Your Excellent Instincts, And You Will Still Be Happy.
  • Today I Am Far, But Just Physically, Because My Spirit Is With You And Accompanies You On This Special Date. I Ask God To Give You Long Life And Also To Let Me Be With You Shortly To Spend Unforgettable Moments. Happy Birthday!
hbd Wishes
  • Today I Woke Up There Might Be No Better Day To Celebrate Your Birthday. It’S A Day That Deserves To Be Celebrated, So Without Further Ado,”Congratulations, Spend The Best Day Possible.”
  • Today Is A Gorgeous Day Since It’S The Birthday Of A Great Human Being, Whom I Adore And Value Because Of His Charisma And His Amazing Heart. I Hope You Have A Fantastic Day And That You’re So Special And So Filled With Love. Happy Birthday!
  • Today Is An Important Day Since It’S Another Season, An Special Individual. May God And Lifestyle Benefit You With The Best Gifts That You Enjoy Excellent Health, Money, And Love.
  • Today Is Your Birthday, And That’S The Reason You Can Request Everything You Want, You Are Going To Realize That Life Will Give It To You Because It Knows That You Are A Unique Being. Happy Birthday!
  • Today On Your Birthday, I Wish To Express My Sincere Congratulations On Getting Reached Another Step In Your Lifetime. I Am Hoping You’ve Got A”Super” Time Together With The People We Love And Admire You So Much. I Want You To Feel Like ”Unique,” And Understand That In Our Hearts, Then You'l l Always Have A Special Place Even When We Become Split.
  • Today You’re One Year Older Than Before, But You Should Not Worry. Age Is Just A Number, And You Are Much Better. Congratulations!
  • Today, I Woke Up With My Heart Racing And With A Smile That Doesn’T Erase, Since I Remembered It Is The Birthday Of A Beautiful Individual.
  • We Believe That The People Around Us Will Always Encourage Us, But Occasionally We Are Wrong. Due To This, I Want You To Bear In Mind That You Are A Right Person And That You Are Crucial To Me. Congratulations!
hbd messages
  • We Have Prepared A Fantastic Day For You Because It’S Your Birthday And You Deserve It. We Hope You Like Our Surprise And Have A First Birthday. Congratulations!
  • We Wish To Give Some Examples Which Can Help You Become Creative When You Need To Congratulate Some Special, However You Don’T Find The Right Words To Achieve The Depths Of Your Being, At Times It Is Hard To Be Sincere And Also In Precisely The Exact Same Time Captivate The Birthday Boy.
  • What A Joy It Is To Be Able To Share With You This Special Moment! Not Everyone Feels Really Pleased To Have A Person Just Like You. You’re Impossible, I Would Like To Find Words Which Could Express The Reality Of My Emotions, But I Think That Even That Word Doesn’T Exist, It Is A Combination Of Love With Admiration, Respect, And Attention, Worship, And Passion. Well, Everything I Feel For You. Happy Birthday! You Are An Special Individual.
  • What A Luck Of Mine! To Have The Honor Of Being Able To Share A Day As Beautiful As Today, Using An Special And Fantastic Person. Happy Birthday! May God Fill You With All Blessings And Constantly Accompany You In All The Measures You Need To Take On Your Life. You Deserve That And Even More For Being You Are. And Thanks For Allowing Me To Become A Part Of Your Surroundings.
  • When God Created Woman And Man, He Didn’T Envision That In All Of His Creation, There Was Going To Be Somebody Like You. You Are An Special And Gorgeous Man, You Have All Of The Attributes Which Exist, And Today Of Your Birthday, I Want To Inform You That Since I Met You, I’M Trying To Locate You A Flaw, And I Have Not Achieved It!
  • When You Were Born, There Was A Big Storm At The City That Never Seemed To End. In The Long Run, It Had Been Over, And That Was When You Came In The Entire World. This Was The Indication That Left Us See That You Are An Angel Fallen From Heaven.
  • Will The Love Of God B With You Through With His Boundless, Boundless Grace Could He Richly Bless Your Life With Much Enjoyment And Achievement. Happy Birth Day
  • Wishing You All The Very Best, Since You Deserve Just The Very Amazing Things In Life And Nothing Less!
happy birthday messages
  • You Are A Magnificent Being, And My Greatest Wish Is The Happiness. Happy Birthday!
  • You Are A Super Special Man To Me And That I Hope You Have Lots And A Lot Of Fun!
  • You Are An Special Person, And Therefore You Deserve The Very Best. May The Best Minutes Always Accompany You To Enjoy Life, That Is A Gift From God.
  • You Are My 1! I Am So Thankful That You’re Part Of My Entire Life. May Your Birthday Glow With Every One Of The Colours You Dream About!
  • You Are Such A Special Blessing To Me Personally And That I Wish You A Superb Birthday Full Of Love, Joy And All Good Things You Enjoy Most!
  • You Do Not Know How Glad I Am To Be With You On A Day Like This, To Make You Smile And Remind You That You’re A Magnificent Being. Happy Birthday! You’re A Special Person
  • You Don’T Understand How Happy I Am To Celebrate Your Birthday, In The Moment We Got Together I Believed It Was Moments Like These Function To Inform You That No Matter What Happens In The Long Run, Today I Am Very Pleased To Have You At My Side. Happy Birthday.
  • You Have Forgotten! Today Is The Birthday! I Really Don’T Understand When You’re Going To Read This Message, But I Hope That The Moment You Do, You Can Grin. See You Later, And So We Are Able To Talk About A Bit Of Cake. Happy Birthday!
Birthday Cake
  • You Made A Gift To The World Once You Came Down Into An Angel. You Turned Into The Joy Of Their Family, And From That Moment, We Celebrated That Special Moment. You Are Much More Special Than You Believe. Congratulations!
  • Your Birth Was A Wonder For The Whole Family. With Every Passing Day, We Appreciate You Being Among Us. I Wish You Lots Of Pleasure!
  • Your Friendship Is Essential, And That Is The Reason Why I Take Care Of It As If It Were A Treasure. I Wish You A Happy Birthday!
  • Your Friendship Is Vital To Me, And I Don’T Want It To Last Just Ten Years, If Not To Last About 1,000 More Until You Reach Infinity. You Can Always Count On Me For Everything.
  • You’re A Very Special Boy In My Life, And I Hope You Are Always Part Of This. Congratulations! Have The Best You Can With This Special Day.
  • You’re Known For Always Giving Yourself. It Makes You More Special.
  • You’re So Different From Others. Wishing You Never Blend With Them!
  • You’re Special To Me Along With Your Birthday Should Be Special For You! Wishing You A Birthday That Is Out Of This World, My Dear!
  • You’re Thought Of All Year Considerably More Than You Know, And Today Is A Very Best Day For Telling You Accordingly!

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