Funny Wishes Sms Messages

Funny Wishes SMS Messages

  • One day husband called and said,: Me ne kaha call hi kar loun tum miss kar rahi ho gi.”

  • Wife: Or wo jo 5 mint pehlay larai ki us ka kya?

  • Husband: Fittay Moun, fair ghar da number mil gya.

  • A lady was sitting on a bench.

  • A begger came and said, “Hey sexy! Are you in a mood to have sex?”

  • Lady replied,” How dare you to say me this?”

  • Beggar said ,”Then what are you doing on my bed?”

  • Please pray for me. My condition is getting more serious

  • I m getting more and more

  • cute, beautiful, intelligent, awesome and fantastic.

Funny Birthday Wishes

  • I would just say you that with each of your birthday you are trying to catch death not getting old.

  • The best secret to keep is to never tell your age.

  • Each new birthday is as booger, the more and more you enjoy it, harder it to breath.

  • Birthdays suit you, more you have them , more you live.

  • With each of your birthday you get old , its mandatory, but growing up is your choice.

  • Its better to be on the top of the hill than burrying under it.

  • All of us are getting old, so your birthday is not worthy to be reminded.

  • Have patience you will not die till you eat your cake.

  • Don’t be sad dear, keep on smiling until you have your teeth.

  • You make merry of your birthday , crew of fire department is just coming.

  • Age is state of mind if you don,t mint then it will make no difference.

  • You would have better care of yourself if you were known that you will be so old.

  • In the relation of marriage, there are two personalities, one who does not remembers birthday and other who never forget it.

  • you are so old that you even forgot you birthday number.

  • You can only live a strong life when you will born next time.

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