Good Night Wishes SMS Messages

Good Night Wishes SMS Messages

  • A gloomy darkness is prevailing.

  • Stars are twinkling.

  • Moon is trying to sleep.

  • So you also take rest and have sweet dreams.

  • Night is a great blessing of God.

  • So enjoy this blessing at full warmth.

  • Sleep well so you can start a new bright day.

  • Sun is putting out its fire.

  • Moon is starting its sweet little candle.

  • Stars are also looking like fireflies.

  • These all comforts are for you to have a sound sleep in comfort.

Good Night Wishes for sweet dreams

  • God made nights for dreaming and days to realize them, I wish you to have beautiful pleasant dreams tonight and better sleep. Good Night dear

  • Dreams are beautiful part of life and if you miss sleep you miss a part of life to enjoy. So go to bed and catch them. Good Night

  • Welcome to the journey of dreams, now go to bed to get freshness for working next day. Good Night

  • Let someone special come in your dream tonight, but don’t make it your habit. I am not free every night. Good Night

  • Never blame a day or night in life. Good days and nights give you happiness and bad gives you experience. Have a blessed night.

  • Angles are there on earth to protect and shower blessings of God on you. So sleep to avail these blessings in dreams too. Wish you a pleasant night

  • Nights are gifts from God as they take us to world which is so beautiful and majestic. May your real world also be like that! Good Night

Good Night Wishes to Wish your loved ones

  • Now it’s a time to sleep but first receive my prayer to have sweet dreams and peaceful night. Good Night

  • Before sleeping, you may think about the passed day. How it was, whether it was good or bad. And try to make the next day better than the previous one. Have sweet dreams. Good Night

  • The sun sets and the moon is appearing, remember it’s the night time. In no time stars are going to shine in the sky. So be prepared for the sleep with a hope of new delightful dreams. Good Night

  • The most precious thing in this world is your time. It means you are giving a part of life, few moments makes your life happier and joyful. I am spending these moments to say you good night

  • The wish till late at night doesn’t mean good night. It is just a silent message that you are my last thought of the night. Good Night

  • See the stars are shining for you; the moon is poking in your bed that is vacant. Both are waiting for you to sleep to have nice & sweet dreams. Good Night

Good Night Wishes / Sayings

  • “Good night my dear, I pray you lay in rest and may tomorrow bring you lot of happiness and love. Don’t think about me, I am in your heart always.”

  • “May you sleep and fall from bed tonight then you will remember that you forgot to wish me good nite”.

  • “My special wishes are always with you. A night full of Love, Peace and Beautiful dreams. Good Night”.

  • “A day is going to end, I pray that as you find so many happiness and love in the day time. May Allah gives you peaceful night and full of beautiful and sweet dreams. Good Night Take care”.

  • “Saying “good night” is not just putting an end to day. It is just to remember you that you are always in my prayers”.

  • “The most beautiful dream come tonight, the special person come in your dream to night. But don’t make it habit because I am not free every night. Good Night”.

  • “Hi Moon, my friend is going to sleep. Tell the sun to raise tomorrow late. My friend wants more relax…. Good Night.”

  • “May precious rays of moon shower its blessing son you till morning and keep you happy all the day long. Good Night”

  • “Night is the time when we inhabit our dreamland with our loved ones, which in the daytime is impossible. May your dreams fulfill. Good Night”.

  • “Sleep is like half death, I wish a new life after the sleep. Have sweet dreams. Good Night”.

  • “Before you sleep, think for a while what you did good all the day, do you catharsis. Have sweet sleep.”

  • “I want to say you good night,it is just a way to tell you that you are in my prayers. Good Night.”

  • “May your all dreams come true, May your nights be filled with pleasures. Good Night.”

  • “All the stars, the moon and me are here to say you Good Night. Have sound sleep my dear.”

  • “Don’t take night as dark, think about the coming day, May all your wishes come true. Good Night.”

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